Maitresse Madeline is having fun with decent size penis

Maitresse Madeline is finally having a chance to take care of slave with decent size penis. Like most of the straight women Madeline loves big tools and adores the feeling of hard dick penetrating her pussy. But there are a few preparations to be made before submissive male slut would be allowed to put his meat stick in use.

Would you like to join Maitresse MadelineSlave facesitting by MaitressePleasant female domination handjob

Mistress Madeline is of that dominant type of girls who prefer to be on top when it comes to sex. Male slave has to know his place and understand the fact that he is nothing more than a sex toy for the goddess. Maitresse has a number of easy but very effective ways to deliver these!

Perfect job of femdom dominatrixMale fucked with strapon by Madeline

For the most of time of the action naked male spends lying on his back being tied to bed. Nothing can stop Maitresse Madeline from having as much fun with the cock as she wants. Dominant lady uses a number of female domination techniques to keep the tool hard and denies male from cumming for many times. Being held at the very edge of ejaculating becomes a hardcore torment for the tied guy.

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The full version of this scene can be watched in HD at Divine Bitches. Go there now and enjoy Maitressed doing all the things femdom mistress love so much: facesitting, strapon ass fucking and lots of handjob. This episode is pretty special because it shows lots of closeup shots of Maitresse Madeline fucking her sub by stringing her pussy on slave's dick! There aren't many femdom action scenes where beautiful Madeline is having full vaginal contact with femdom slaves. You can't miss this one!

Cum denial by Maitresse MadelineFull vaginal contact os mistress and her slave

Maitresse Madeline would like to punish you

So you've came here in search of femdom punishment? Then take all of your clothes down and get on your knees because Maitresse Madeline is here to show what worthless male bitch you are. Goddess is put very special outfit for today's action: what a pleasure it is: to be degraded, humiliated and tortured by a beautiful woman in latex! Now shut up and do what Mistress Madeline tells you!

At first she is going to gag you, put a blindfold over your eyes and tie your hands above. Unable to see, talk or move - you can only hear your mistress and scent that sexy smell of her. Painful whipping would be the first punishment Maitresse Madeline will perform. She'll do a series of painful strokes along your chest and then is going to twist your nipples with her fingers. Do you feel the power of dominant woman crushing penis with her toes? How it feels got kicked in your balls with those lovely toes?

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Submissive male sluts like you aren't allowed even to think about fucking women with their little pricks! Maitress Madeline knows about the size of your tiny cock: you'll never be able to satisfy lady like her. Maybe your mouth will do the job since your cock is worthless? It is time for you to spend the next half an hour being suspended up in the air, worshipping Madeline's feet and ass. Open your mouth wide and get ready to lick the pussy of your Mistress! Madeline is going to smother you a bit eith her buss cheeks to make humiliation a little more degrading!

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I haven't heard about a single Maitresse Madeline femdom episode where male whore wasn't fucked in his ass. Looks like you aren't going to be an exception: beautiful blonde straps on the biggest dildo she has: prepare your ass for an invasion! But a couple more kinky things had to be done first. Your cock and balls are getting smashed in a specially-designed crushing device and there is another facesitting punishment you have to go through. Now tell me: how it feels: to have a woman like Maitresse Madeline sitting on your face? How her pussy tastes?

Whipping blindfolded male slaveSlave forced to lick ass

Are you ready to accept rubber cock with your ass? Mistress Madeline doesn't use any lubricant during the penetration for you to feel all the joy of strapon fucking! Don't close your eyes and look the way Madeline's tits are bouncing up and down as she fucks you in your ass!

Three ladies under the lead of Maitresse Madeline are punishing the lesbian slave

It is not unusual for Maitresse Madeline to team up with other beautiful women of dominant type in order to punish submissive slaves. Think about putting together three sexy ladies and allowing them to do anything they want during nasty lesbian bondage orgy. Submissive slut wasn't expecting punishment to be so painful when the group of bitches is being lead by Mistress Madeline!

Girl is going to be finger fucked by Maitresse MadelineBizarre electrified tit torture for lesbian slave

Wired Pussy came up with another kinky bondage episode in which Maitresse Madeline and her mates were in search of a submissive slut to play with. They've managed to find one in the local bar. The girl was a bit tipsy after a few drinks and was stupid enough to accept the invitation of Lady Madeline. Big mistake!

Undressed almost instantly, the slave was bent over the table and then fingered by Maitresse Madeline. The sub then was put on her knees after her ass and pussy was explored violently. Is there can be something more exciting than kneeling woman licking toes of other girls? Enslaved whore had to lick feet of each of the dominant women around while Mistress Madeline were applying electric plug to her cunt. What a nice way of running a degrading training!

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The following action involves even more electricity! Maitresse Madeline put a couple of electrified nipple clamps on top of each of slave's tits and then hit breasts with high voltage. I've heard lots of slave's screaming but none of them was so emotional. It is hard to stay calm when electricity strikes directly to the most sensual part of female body! Maitresse Madeline knows that for sure and uses it against the slave.

Facesitting torment done by Mistress MadelineMadeline is cumming

The final part of the action is all about facesitting. Put on her back, helpless girl is being tied to the table and there are a dozen of electrodes are put all over her body. Smothered by Maitresse Madeline, hit with high voltage and fucked with fingers all simultaneously, enslaved woman is getting to the very limit really fast! Unable to breath because of Mistres Madeline pussy over her face and foced to swallow the juices, slave cumes multiple times in a row! Only a true BDSM genius like Madeline can come up with torture ideas like this one!

Maitresse Madeline is testing the strength of a lesbian slave

Three nasty punishments are being prepared by Maitresse Madeline for today's episode. There is sexy MILF blonde who is willing to test her strength in the field of pain suffering and going through degrading training. I guess it was the best choice she could made because Maitresse Madeline has enough experience to take even the toughest girls to the very bondage orgasms galore.

Whipping slave in stocksFace smothering by Mistress Madeline

Mistress Madeline starts with the good old wooden stocks to put the naked girl into. Unable to move her hands or legs, helpless lady is having her ass and back fully exposed for the severe whipping. Dominant woman is dressed in short latex dress and looks really hot with a whip in her hand. Punishment device lands on soft skin with that loud sound, leaving horrible red marks. Maitresse Madeline is professional when in comes to teasing women with extreme pain!

The next part of the submissive girl training is all about forced pussy licking. Maitresse pulls her dress up and then sits down on the face of the captive girl. Do I have to mention the fact that dominatrix isn't wearing panties? Her shaved pussy smothers the slave while Maitresse helps herself with a vibrator. Captivated and roped blonde has no other options to choose from other than to use her tongue and lips on mistress clitor. It does not take Madeline long to have an orgasm. I bet you would love Maitresse Madeline to ride your face too and then to cum right in front of your eves!

Facesitting humiliation by Maitresse MadelineDominatrix whips the tied up lesbianFucked with strapon by Madeline

Final part of lesbian BDSM training episode involves huge strapon dildo. Maitresse Madeline really likes to degrade slaves with sex toys and today she has the perfect chance to do it again. Both ladies are totally naked and there is nothing to hide their beautiful bodies from us. The lady in ropes is put on her knees so it would be easier for Madeline to fuck her like a cheap whore. There is a butt plug goes directly into the ass hole of the exposed female. Can there be anything more degrading for a woman than to be tied up, whipped and then fucked by a beautiful blonde?

Maitresse Madeline on a femdom assignment

Let's get back to good old classic femdom action and let Maitresse Madeline, the uncrowned queen of punishments, do her job. You've probably have seen her doing small penis humiliation the painful way. Well today she is even surpasses herself with the cruelty of the punishments. Divine Bitches hosts the full version of this episode. Check them up for all the 230 pictures made during episode and see the uncut HD video of 45 minutes length.

Male balls grabbed by Maitresse MadelineSlave licking sexy woman in her buttFemdom whipping by Maitresse Madeline

Today Maitresse Madeline is having an assignment to train another male. This boy has attitude issues and the cruel blonde is the right choice for the job. To have the slave prepared for the lesson Madeline takes all his clothes off and tapes his whole body with tape. Then dominatrix goes on with nice queening and facesitting over the mummified sub. I love the fact that sexy lady doing this while wearing a black pantyhose. Nothing can be more pleasing for the femdom slave than a shaved cunt in nylon put all over your face. The smell of pussy drives you crazy!

I've forgot to mention that Maitresse Madeline have tied slave's penis with tight rope and using her pretty feet to do some cock and balls torture. Lady squeezes genitals with her toes bringing a lot of pain and tramples them a bit for some additional discomfort.

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The second part of the action involves whipping, strapon anal sex and footjob (see a few more preview pictures here). I am not going to tell you all the details (I guess you would like to see everything in the full version), but expect to see Maitresse Madeline putting her slave in a spread legs bondage pose, then whipping him with a bamboo stick and, finally, making him come with her bare feet. Sounds great?

Secretary trained and punished by Maitresse Madeline

It happens rarely when a female dominatrix is good in both: male and female training. I am really happy with the fact that Maitresse Madeline is one of these talented BDSM mentors who can punish boys and girls with great success. Today we are going to enjoy beautiful blonde using her knowledge to train a lazy secretary.

Maitresse Madeline was invited to the office to train and punish the secretary. Dominatrix is certainly have a good plan in her mind because she starts the action by locking the slavegirl in a steel stocks instantly. Maitresse cuts off all the clothes from the secretary using nothing but scissors. With a pair of nipple clamps attached to her tits and ass whipped with bamboo stick, exposed sub starts showing first signs of submission.

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The next punishment for the bad girl is facesitting and queening. The woman is tied with rope and put on a leather couch. Maitress Madeline pulls her skirt up and uses shaved pussy to smother the bondage slave. I love the way MILF secretary forced to use her tongue to lick and pleasure the beautiful dominatrix. I guess a lot of you guys would like to take her place and taste that cunt!

The final stage of today's BDSM punishment requires a bit more intense action. The first one requires naked female to be shackled with steel cuffs, bent over the knees and punished with OTK spanking. I am hoping that the view of naked and cuffed girl getting spanked by another undressed female turns you on because Maitresse Madeline looks really good in this scene!

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The final slave training exercise is the most violent and it involves a huge rubber cock. Maitresse Madeline attaches strapon dildo to her sexy hips and uses slave's every hole for penetration. Having her ass, mouth and pussy fucked cruelly it looks to me that secretary is going to remember this lesson for a long time! What a scene!

Femdom punishment and hard BDSM fucking by Maitresse Madeline

Kneeling slave whipped by Maitresse MadelineHelpless slave licking his mistressMaitresse Madeline going to fuck her slave violently

Maitresse Madeline is back at Divine Bitches website to improve her femdom skills. Miserable slave already is waiting for her in the torture chamber. Mistress puts on very sexy black latex outfit and steps in for the action!

Naked male is kneeling in the middle of the interrogation room. His arms are bound with leather monoglove and this pose fits perfectly for some painful CBT. Maitresse Madeline uses kinky torture devices to smash slave's balls. I love watching her sexy hands turn screws violently while she is watching the slave.

Helpless slave is locked in a kind of BDSM stocks for the next BDSM torture. Mistress does a number of filthy things to his ass during the next couple of minutes. She is using rubber dildo to fuck male deep in his butt, than she fingers his ass hole and, finally, forces femdom slave to lick her pussy. It seems to me that he is doing this pretty well as Maitresse Madeline whispers silently from the waves of pleasure running in her belly bottom.

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Driven to the edge of cumming with femdom slave, Maitresse Madeline is now ready to be fucked. But firstly she had to prepare her sub for this femdom sex action. Dominatrix wraps her boy from very top to the bottom and lays him on the bed. The only thing that juts out from this mummification bondage is his cock and penis. Madeline jumps on top of her fuckdoll and strings her pussy on his hard cock.

I am not going to describe you the rest of the story not to spoil all the joy of watching this action with your own eyes. You can see the uncut version of this Maitresse Madeline femdom scene at Divine Bitches. Just click the banner below to be taken there directly. Enjoy world's most bizarre and inhuman femdom performed by beautiful dominatrix. Browse picture galleries and watch HD movies. Have fun:

Lesbian slave bound and tortured by Maitresse Madeline

Lesbian slave trained by MaitresseLesbian tortured by Maitresse MadelineSuspended slave licked by Maitresse Madeline

Another silly lesbian trainee is here to be taken through a series of bizarre BDSM torments by mighty Maitresse Madeline. The action have been captured on video and photographed, so you can see the full version of it at Wired Pussy.

The first thing to do with silly slave - is to put her on a kinky high heel shoes and put a high voltage directly to her bare feet. Shocked with painful charges, tied with rope and stimulated with sex toy, lesbian sub gets wet pretty quick, which means she is now ready for more BDSM tortures set up by Maitresse Madeline.

What would you feel when undressed, cuffed and put on the dildo fucking machine? Our lesbian slave looks pretty exited when put in this bondage pose. There is a little more pain added to the scene with a lot of electrodes attached all over her body. Getting bitten with painful electricity, exposed female receives a couple of orgasms!

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The next torture invented by Madeline involves a totally helpless slave lying on her back and having her arms and legs restrained with leather belts. Gagged and forced to hold her legs spread, this pretty baby can do nothing when Maitresse starts using painful magic want to penetrate her pussy. I like watching bound lesbian moving her hips, trying to avoid painful torture. Sexy!

The last bit of BDSM training session involves an upside down slave suspension and forced pussy licking. It is a real pleasure for everyone - to watch Maitresse Madeline on all fours and having her clit fucked by suspended slave mouth. Check out Wired Pussy website for the full version of this episode. 250 pictures and brilliant quality HD video captures every second of lesbian BDSM action. Use banner below to see them right now:

Lesbian BDSM and medical bondage by Maitresse Madeline

Maitresse Madeline in doctor uniformLesbian pussy licking in bondageMaitresse Madeline fisting bound lesbian slave

When talking about Maitresse Madeline, I just can't decide what I like most: her femdom or her lesbian domination art. Well today I am having here a nice girl-on-girl BDSM action that has a bit of medical fetish added. Pictures and movie are presented by Whipped Ass website.

Doctor Maitresse Madeline having no difficulties treating today's patient. Poor girl having major problems with her orgasms - she just can't get one. Doctor Madeline has a few strong medical procedures and she starts by tying the slut to the medical chair and pounding her butt with an artificial cock. Along with intense pussy spanking this treatment works well and very soon there is a lot of saliva starts dripping form the exposed pussy.

Now, when the patient is wet, it is time for Maitresse Madeline to put her sub into the frog tie and fuck her hardcore. Strapon dildo comes very handy in this particular moment and I like watching that helpless lassie screaming loud as plastic sex toy goes deeply in her ass and pussy.

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The final part of today's medical procedures involves a bit of lesbian fisting. Maitress Madeline got her slave undressed and tied with ropes. After a short ass licking prelude mistress uses her arm to fuck exposed girl from inside of her pussy. With a little help of a vibrator bound babe cumes a number of times in a row. I guess her problem is solved and from now on she'll be adding a bit of BDSM in her sexual life to receive orgasms.

This was just a brief description of the full-length episode available Whipped Ass. Use banner below to visit the site and see more. More than 200 pictures and 45 minutes of HD video shows every second of this kinky scene where Maitresse Madeline shows the art of lesbian BDSM:

Femdom slave used as a fuck doll by Maitresse Madeline

Maitresse Madeline torture slave with small cockForced femdom pussy lickingFedmom handjob by Maitresse Madeline

Maitresse Madeline is a sexy bitch that loves using her femdom slaves as sexual toys. Just like in this gallery from Divine Bitches website where she is training miserable male slave and having his cock dry with multiple ejaculations. See a few more samples here.

Maitresse Madeline comes to the place of BDSM training dressed like an English lady. Mistress starts her job immediately by undressing her sub and forcing him to lick her cunt. Satisfied with the male submission she moves to more sophisticated ways of slave humiliation.

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Huge plastic cock goes deeply in femdom slave ass along with a nipple clamps attached to his chest. Maitresse is unhappy with the little size of the penis she had to deal with so she uses her perfect butt to make him grow a bit. Can you stand this amazing woman doing a lap dance around submissive slave? Beautiful dominatrix has already taken off her clothes and the only things that stay on are sexy suspenders and pair of black stockings. Mature pantyhose fetish is the right thing to be mixed with femdom!

There is a lot more kinky things Maitresse Madeline doing to her slave unless he has no more cum to share with her. You can see them all in the 55-min length HD movie that can be seen at Divine Bitches. Picture gallery is also available along with dozens of other femdom stories where Madeline having fun with her slaves. Use banner below to go there now:

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